High-quality, personalised services covering a wide range of gynaecological options. These include both intricate surgical techniques and state-of-the-art non-surgical therapies.


Women are usually uncomfortable discussing gynaecological issues and other personal health concerns with their doctors. More often than not, they perceive a trip to the gynaecologist as awkward, intimidating and physically unpleasant.

Unfortunately, many of us aren’t aware of how beneficial these gynaecology visits can be. It isn’t widely understood that there are various remedies a gynaecologist can avail of to ease and treat the symptoms being experienced.

Dr Byrnes understands the various health issues and gynaecological problems that may arise throughout a woman’s life. She aims to cater to these issues in a way that is empathetic to the discomfort felt sharing them with a stranger.

Megan offers professional, comprehensive and discreet gynaecological care to women at every stage of their life.

With her warm, friendly and respectful approach, Dr Byrnes, as a female herself, understands the needs of women and does everything in her power to ensure that patients feel at ease. This ensures an open space for women to communicate their concerns with complete honesty.

The gynaecological services offered involve a complete assessment of the patient and management of the symptoms or conditions. Additional medical or surgical treatments may also be provided as necessary.

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